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Our Two Types of Inground Swimming Pools



If you’ve lived on your property for a long period of time or you just bought a property that requires renovation, start with adding an inground swimming pool! There is no better way to enjoy your home and make it a place that everyone loves. Let us help you build your pool with your choice of materials.

The two main types of inground swimming pools we build are:


Shotcrete Pools; always refer to wet concrete that's already fully mixed before it's shot out of a hose.

Gunite Pools; always referred to as a dry special mix and are also shot out of a hose.

Discover What You Want from Your Pool

Your property renovation is important and your inground pool builders may have to deal with ground that isn’t level or clear plants and trees from the area in order to build your pool. Think about the size and shape that you want your pool to be and where on your property you want it to go.

  • A smaller pool may be good for a property that is limited, especially if you want to add other areas to entertain and enjoy your yard. Your pool doesn’t have to be Olympic-sized for it to be inground or for you to be able to enjoy swimming in it.

  • If the ground isn’t level on your property, you may not have to do anything to get your inground pool. Talk to the builders about where the pool could go and what size and shape would be best for your property.

  • If there is any debris or plants and trees in the way of where you want your pool to go, find out if the builders will clear it or if you’ll have to find a way to get it cleared yourself before they can start building.

  • Don’t forget about spa options and pool equipment! The pumps, heater, and attached or detached hot tubs will also take up space. Our team can design an equipment space where you won’t have to see them.

Design-Build pools and spas

Having a Conversation With Our Clients

Before you decide if we will build your pool, we will talk to you about the services that come with building the pool. You may want to know if we have designers on hand to help you plan your property renovation with a pool, if we show you in detail how all of the pool equipment operates, and if we’ll be on hand after the pool is finished to help you with any questions you have about maintaining your pool. At Barajas Pool and Spa you get all of this a design+build is an efficient and responsible way of planning your future pool build. Our designers, drafting team, and engineers are very well versed in the California Electrical Code, California Building Code as well as the submittal processing for different jurisdictions to obtain your pool building permit approvals.

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Pool and Spa Permit Processing

Our team can design, draft and provide the plans for submittal to obtain your pool permits for construction to take place.

Less than 5% of plans come back with corrections for all those that do, they are taken care of within the next day for a re-submittal. Pool plans are turned around typically within two to four days.

Find the Best Professionals

Look for quality and professionalism in your inground pool builders so that you’ll get the pool that you want. The professionals at Barajas Pools and Spas are committed to ensuring that your pool-building experience is as enjoyable and exciting as it should be. Talk to the friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today to find out how you can start your property renovation by building a spa and pool!

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