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Remodeling, Restoration, Resurfacing, and Renovation


At Barajas Pool, Spas, Plumbing, Concrete, and Repair we don't just design and build gorgeous, customized inground swimming pools. We can also take something that you already have and turn it into something even better.

Over time, pool plaster can crack, causing leaks, and leaks can lead to a whole host of problems. Our remodeling experts can resurface damaged pools with new plaster, or upgrade them with superior pebble finishes. We can also remove and replace your old pool tile.


Now let's say there's nothing wrong with your pool. You just want to spice it up, give it a facelift. That's where our remodeling experts really shine. We can add custom lighting (with remote control!), waterfalls, spas, custom rock features, and so much more. We can even take you old basic pool and convert it into a modern smart pool with all kinds of neat features that can be controlled with your mobile devices. Imagine being able to turn on your pool & spa lights, outdoor radio, waterfalls, and set the temperature of your pool while you're away from home, just to know you'll be dipping into a steaming spa to relax or to a warm pool to take some quick laps at night, "how nice is that".

Upgrades don't have to be strictly cosmetic.

There are a number of energy-efficient equipment upgrades we can offer. Anything from simply upgrading or replacing worn equipment, to installing a saltwater chlorination system.


Our experts can do it all!

We're proud of our remodel team and to be serving the Antelope Valley.

Check out some of our work!

Let us handle all your Pool Remodeling and Equipment Repair needs today!

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